Love, more than anything else fuels my creative fire. My love to inspire, create, and explore unknown paths. Carving new trails is what artists do, designing new perspectives and alternative points-of-view for people to consider; this is the essence of my creative philosophy.

My work seeks to define itself (the medium is not the message, but rather just a delivery system), my explorations and creative adventures seek to build their own worlds, their own meanings, and establish a universe where all people are free to explore and all people are open to discovering who they truly are, free from societal expectations.

The meaning of the word “weird” is much more interesting than most people realize. The noun form of the word “weird” is “a person’s destiny”. Embracing the weird, is about embracing your creative destiny and allowing your true self to shine.

My work seeks to be the inciting incident in the flow of life, which inspires the viewer to let their freak flag fly!