Photo by Pixie Vision Studios

After 25 years of exploring the art world, Brian A. Bernhard has discovered his obsession with the creative process. His artistic expression has encompassed just about every media one can think of; from painting, drawing and photography to video, music and performance. Having produced hundreds of creative process documentaries and interviews, he has been fortunate enough to learn directly from some of the most amazing artistic visionaries in the world. He soaks up as much life experience as he can, then tosses all the madness into his own personal brain blender processing it into a weird unhinged shamanistic art flow.

This current series of work is a journey into the heart of his creativity. He begins with a simple image, like a heart, a flower, or an eye, and then he digs in, drilling down as far as the journey takes. Each painting, mural or drawing has its own life and story, taking many weeks, months or even years to complete. He places the blank canvas, paper, wall or digital screen in front of himself and open up his senses, allowing all of his life experiences to flow through, willingly getting lost within the narrative so that he is forced to find his way out to a satisfying conclusion.

He recently launched a lifestyle brand for weirdos, called “Embrace the Weird”. designing an array of bold and exciting wearable art products based on his current creative flow. He has spent the last few years researching and developing a variety of  independent sustainable art business practices providing unique value to his patrons and other aspiring entrepreneurial artists.