Ink and Watercolors on Archival Paper
Mounted in a hand-cut 16” x 20” white matte.

The horror and sadness I saw from my friends and family in the field of health care only a few months into the pandemic, have now been exponentially exacerbated with how irresponsible the public has navigated everything. Premature opening non-essential businesses, dining indoors, parties and now even theme parks are starting to open back up! However, nothing has changed with the virus, no cures, no solutions, no real defenses against the spread. The only thing that has changed, is now with all the supply chains broken, we have less cleaning supplies, and less access to real N95 respirator masks. We got a long way to go, and we need to figure out how to function responsibly in a pandemic soon, or we won’t be functioning at all!

Available to collect here: https://embracetheweird.design/collections/original-watercolor-paintings/products/frau-kranko-original-watercolor-painting