I am an eccentric artist, creative problem solver, and outside-the-box thinker. Through my multifaceted artistic endeavors in video editing, painting, small resin sculpture, and design, I seek to challenge conventions and break free from the constraints of the ordinary.

As a video editor, I intertwine disparate elements to craft captivating narratives that push the boundaries of visual storytelling. By embracing unconventional techniques and innovative approaches, I aim to captivate viewers and transport them to new dimensions of imagination.

In my paintings, I wield brush and palette to depict the strange and unusual intricacies of human experience. With bold colors, rich textures, and a touch of whimsy, I invite audiences to explore the depths of emotion and perception in each stroke.

My small resin sculptures are an exploration of the extraordinary hidden within the ordinary. By transforming blobs of clay into intricate and thought-provoking works, I challenge viewers to see the world through a new lens, to question what lies beneath the surface.

As a designer and entrepreneur, I thrive on turning innovative concepts into reality. Embracing the weird, I constantly seek fresh perspectives, untapped possibilities, and groundbreaking ways to shape the future of art and beyond.

My artistic journey is an ever-evolving quest for creative solutions and imaginative expression. I invite you to join me on this exhilarating ride, where art becomes a conduit for endless discovery, problem-solving, and boundless inspiration. Together, we will venture into uncharted territories and redefine the notion of what is possible!